Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride"

I read an email last night from my college president Dr. Johnette McKown that it is projected our institution will  receive "$2,922,013 less money through the formula allocation formula as well as the benefits." It is no secret that I have a number of issues with "Governor" Rick Perry, our State "Legislature" and our "State Board of Education." That damn devil has forced a mentality which stands as a common logical fallacy: either-or. Typically, there are a great number of options that exist within; however now there almost has to be a "with us, or against us" decision to be made. I never wanted it to be like that. I'm an advocate for finding common ground in the things that unite us but it is growing ever more difficult not to have absolute distaste for those in opposition. While there is some concern for the self here, my primary concern is for the souls I see in my classrooms every day. From my perspective I see students trying their absolute best to raise a family, maintain multiple jobs at times, and also attend classes so as to achieve the dreams they have set for themselves. The opposition, simply put, is trying to snatch away the means to achieve those dreams. With continued funds cut from education, not only will teachers be stretched more and more thus unable to give all students due attention, but worse, students will not have the financial assistance which allows them to proceed with their college tenure. On top of all else, colleges are being forced to increase tuition and taxes lest they close their doors entirely. Either we care about our children or not. Either we want them to receive and education and be successful or not. Either we are power-hungry, money-obsessed, narcissistic sons of bitches or not. I maintain that we are to adhere to that unspoken rule that we are to give to our children better than we received. How on earth will we be able to achieve this if we are to allow such egregious incompetence sit at the helm of our state government. There is no sympathy, nor understanding to be had for this behavior. There are things in this world where we do not and should not compromise. I am on board for the journey to fight this horrid oppression by whatever means necessary. I have a podium and I intend to use it. My students will be among the many who will begin to fight against these lunatics who would sooner strike them down and stand on their heads before they offer the slightest benefit. Who of the few will stand up for the many? Educators. There is a reason we do this for a living.
"No sympathy for the devil...keep that in mind. Buy the ticket, take the ride." - Hunter S. Thompson


  1. Well said. I pretty much agree on all counts. Way to go, kid.

  2. I'm afraid in the end it's a question of clout.

    Chevron and Halliburton have it, and that's why even in a climate of multi-billion dollar state budget shortfalls and record-high energy profits they get to keep receiving hefty subsidies from the taxpayer. Education, jobless benefits, medical care for the unemployed... these fall into the category of 'government waste' because the people affected by these issues have no clout.